The CMN-001-1 study and kidney cancer

The CMN-001-1 study is researching an investigational medicine designed to improve the way your body’s immune system responds to your advanced kidney cancer, or renal cell carcinoma (RCC). The goal is to see how it works in combination with standard RCC cancer care, which all participants will receive.                                                                      

Joining the CMN-001-1 study

If you have kidney cancer (specifically, renal cell carcinoma) and you have not received any cancer treatment, you may be able to join.

Study overview

Study participants can expect the following during the study:

Undergo a nephrectomy, a common surgery for people with kidney cancer. The CMN-001-1 study is looking for people scheduled to receive one.

Be assigned to receive the investigational study therapy or no study therapy. All participants receive standard, FDA-approved care for RCC.

Undergo a procedure to have white blood cells collected from your blood (if assigned to receive the investigational study therapy). These are used to make the investigational study therapy.

Receive regular doses of your assigned study therapy. You will attend about 13 visits over 61 weeks to receive each dose. You can continue receiving your assigned study therapy longer if you are benefitting from it.

Aside from the investigational study therapy, the tests, assessments, and standard kidney cancer therapy you receive in the study are similar to the routine care doctors provide to people with advanced RCC.